It’s there, but not online

Are you in a situation where you are certain you have examined or found all possible records online and your research is now stuck? There is no need to be despondent or to give up.  What you need is available but is simply not online.  In fact, not even half of what you could be… Continue reading It’s there, but not online

Playing the elimination game

Which John Smith is mine? This article deals with the common problem of having too many candidates to choose from.  How do you separate out this John Smith from that John Smith?  Unfortunately, people in the past chose first names from a limited range, so it is possible to have three or even four men… Continue reading Playing the elimination game

Gapology – Finding People in Parish Registers

This article first appeared in Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine, in 2015 and is reproduced here by permission. Are you searching for people in parish registers online and not finding them?  Are some members of a family found in a location while others are just not there, no matter how hard you try? … Continue reading Gapology – Finding People in Parish Registers